About us

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Who We Are

SUNPRISM was established in 1997 as the first manufacturer of PV modules in Egypt, based in Ismailia Public Free Zone with current production capacity of 50 MW per annum, expandable to higher capacity in the event larger markets are to be addressed. We operate in compliance with all international standards for our industry and we have been exporting our panels to Germany since 2004 as well as serving the local Egyptian market.

In doing so, we always endeavor to provide our clients with the best possible product price alongside the highest standards of product quality. In line with this focus on product quality, we systematically conduct a panel-by-panel test in our facilities that ensure all our products are rigorously controlled in this regard. This testing system is subjected to manufacturer calibration annually.

Our understanding of the rapid development of technology in our industry drives our constant preparedness to confront it. Accordingly, we have in addition to the automatic production line, several manual production lines. These provide us with the flexibility to move from one technology generation to the next in a very efficient manner, as well as provide us with the ability to address custom (non-standard) client requests for product. Our vicinity to the Middle-East, Africa, and Europe positions us as a convenient provider of solar power panels to all the emerging projects requiring the use of solar PV technology for power generation in the region.

Our delivery times are therefore reduced due to reduced shipping times. Simultaneously our clients enjoy easy access to our facilities for visits and for quality inspection of their products whenever needed.

Letter From the CEO

Mohammad Makhlouf

It brings me great pride as I enter SUNPRISM to be in the realm of one of the most advanced and progressive manufacturers of solar power panels in the region.

Established in 2004 as a subsidiary under BIC for Electronics, Environment and Energy, SUNPRISM is uniquely positioned to serve the full spectrum of PV applications and customer needs across various platforms, whether commercial, residential, industrial or newly established solar power stations.

At the heart of SUNPRISM’S success story lie its distinctive employees, working hand in hand towards achieving a shared goal and having the passion and drive towards excellence and distinction.

Our edge lies in investing more time in product perfection, excellence and process development ahead of other competing solar panel sources.  This has enabled us to deliver the best products in terms of performance, quality and reliability to our customers.

Our focus now will be to combine this quality advantage, from raw material to complete system, with a clear economic advantage by enhancing our supply chain and product manufacturing efficiency with a view to provid the market with the best of both worlds; the highest and internationally recognized quality as well as the most competitive price in its category.

We abide by international standards in our testing laboratories, undertaking meticulous and detailed inspections throughout our operations with full sight of our customers’ objective for long term performance.

Solar power is poised to be a defining element in the future of clean power generation, and we are proud to share the responsibility of protecting the environment for our future generations and contribute to the innovation which is at the heart of sustainability, and sustainability is a big part of who we are and what we do.

I have all the confidence that with this vision SUNPRISM will add distinct value to the industry and become a major regional contributor to the development and deployment of renewable energy systems in the region and wish all our employees all the success in achieving this common goal and growing together into a prosperous future.

To be the region’s forerunner in developing accessible clean energy systems and the leading manufacturer of high quality and cost effective solar power modules that would fulfill our customers’ expectations and serve their needs.
To strengthen our product delivery and open our regional market channels with a view to be the premier provider of high quality and cost effective solar PV systems to the Middle Eastern, African and Mediterranean markets by 2020.
To adopt lean manufacturing trends that would drive profitable growth for our solar modules, using the cost-effective means. And to employ total quality management concepts and deliver superior value to our customers