Core Values

We maintain ethical conduct, honesty, commitment and professionalism in our workplace.
We embrace safety throughout our operations with a focus on preventative practices that go in line with international standards.
We embody a strong sense of professionalism, teamwork and dedication. We seek to build strong relationships with partners who share commitment to grow the solar PV industry.
We invest in Research and Development initiatives. We emphasize technological innovation throughout our operations by advancing our manufacturing techniques to the latest standards.
We are held accountable for our operations, putting forth our best effort as team members and as a company.

We are sincere and forthright. We treat each other with dignity, and we respect others’ differences and contributions.
We believe in environmental stewardship. We provide innovative solar energy solutions through considering the social, economic and environmental aspects in everything that we do.
We work with passion and enthusiasm and so we are committed to delivering high quality products.
We adhere to international quality standards and apply strict quality control processes into our operations.
We fulfill our clients’ needs across our operations. We commit to setting industry standards for clients’ servicing and solar solutions.