SUNPRlSM is proud to launch Seraj, a utility program that is designed to manage SUNPRlSM's distribution channels and provide an incentive program along with the support tools for SUNPRlSM's distributors to deliver to their best and most efficient abilities.

Seraj facilitates the widespread distribution of safe, reliable and cost effective solar energy solutions throughout the local Egyptian market and provides a platform for further distribution in the regional market.

Combining the necessary training to our distributors with providing the standards and support tools for solar power system development, Seraj brings the highest standards of quality and innovation to the market and spurs the industry's growth by accelerating the deployment of solar energy industry across the market.

We offer a range of modules (or levels) with competitive incentives to suit our clients' consumption patterns and economics of solar energy. These consist of the following levels:

- Direct - applies to individual distributors that deliver up to 500KW per annum

- Silver - applies to distributors that deliver up to 1MW per annum

- Gold - applies to distributors that deliver up to 5MW per annum

- Platinum - applies to distributors that deliver more than 5MW per annum

Details of these levels and the privileges associated there with are available upon subscription of the program.

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